Workholding Efficiency For Your CNC Machine

chick multi-lok in cnc machine

Chick works to increase productivity by reducing inefficiencies of CNC machine centers. We work with hard-working, successful job shops and manufacturers of all types and sizes to solve machining challenges, improve operations and discover new efficiencies.

Chick Workholding can help you save time and money. We understand how to do that, because we face the same challenges every day. Learn more »

What exactly IS QwikChange?

what IS qwikchange

We use that word a lot around here. QwikChange will make every day you use a CNC machine a whole lot easier. Learn more »

Indexable Workholding Kit

Convert your Haas vertical machining center into a single-pallet HMC - at a low, limited-time, introductory price. Learn more »


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